Inspire a progressive, innovative and sustainable construction industry that consistently acts with integrity.

Build a better Canada.


Industry first

Every decision we make is guided by what’s best for our members and the industry while contributing positively to our communities.


We are open to new building and business practices and share this passion for innovation with our members.


We work collaboratively, transparently and collectively to achieve a stronger construction industry in Canada.

Smart and Débrouillard

We apply best practices while getting things done.

Strategic Priorities and Areas of Focus


Unite the industry while proactively championing national issues that matter

Re-position the image of the industry to address workforce shortage by attracting a diverse workforce including under-represented segments, women, indigenous Canadians, new Canadians and others.

Leverage our membership strength and engage members to build our advocacy.

Deepen influence with government, bureaucracy, crown corporations and others essential to a vibrant economy and sustainable construction industry.


Lead the construction industry in adopting best practices that will help them in their success.

Be an information hub to quickly and effectively connect members to valued resources, emphasizing technology and innovation adoption.

Better support our member’s adoption of tools and best practices.

Improve and share knowledge of the market and customer needs.

Share CCA’s thought leadership in accessible form.

Be digital first in communications, content and services.


Broaden membership and drive member value

Work collaboratively with partner associations to strengthen the services provided to our members.

Broaden membership to ensure all voices are represented – from colleges and universities to owners.

Seek non-dues revenue services to fund activities.

Consider tiered services delivery model vs one-tiered.

Review CCA governance model against best practices and improve effectiveness.

What will success look like?

A more profitable, stronger, more harmonious construction industry, driving real economic impact in Canada.
The CCA and its partner associations will be essential to members’ continued success.
Construction will be an employer of choice, attracting a diverse and tech savvy workforce.
The CCA will be a sought-out advisor on issues of national importance and admired as a best-in-class Association.